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GOO is an all volunteer organization fighting the biggest oil companies in the world on a budget of less than $20,000 per year.

We have been protecting the coast of California for 41 years and we could really use some donations to help us in this work.

We work for free, but our attorneys cost money--- and so does just about everything else.  A donation of any amount would help us keep the doors of this organization open.  Thank you.


Dear Friends:

Just when you thought it was safe to drink the water--the Frackers have arrived.  Oil companies have fracked (Hydraulic Fracturing) wells in the Los Alamos area without a permit.  This illegal fracking involved the injection of hundreds of unspecified toxic chemicals and over 250,000 gallons of fresh water into the very ground where the entire water supply for the entire valley.  Currently the State of California has no plan for the proper regulation of fracking and Santa Barbara County is struggling to come up to speed in its effort to find a way to regulate this new threat to our environment and local economy.  Get Oil Out! is fighting to protect our water and we need your help today.

Get Oil Out! (GOO!) was founded the day after the infamous 1969 Platform A’Blowout’.   Forty one years later, our work is nowhere near done.  We need your help to protect our community from Oil companies who are willing to pollute our water supply and our ocean for a profit.

Since 1969, GOO! has been a watchdog for oil development along the Central Coast.  We have worked to prevent new production, to ensure that existing producers operate responsibly, and to push for a world in which renewable energy is the rule, not the exception.   As a client of the Environmental Defense Center, a participant in the Environmental Coalition, and a grassroots advocacy group, GOO! has been vigilant over Venoco’s various projects, pushing for the most environmentally responsible forms of transport, for example, and insisting on full environmental review of every aspect of production.  GOO! has supported  communities fighting new projects, including  Carpinteria's Measure J, recently defeated by more than two-thirds of Carpinteria voters.   

Your membership donation will enable us to continue this work.  If you believe in what GOO! stands for – getting oil out, getting over oil – please help us to continue our work by becoming a member or renewing your membership today.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing that every penny of your gift  will be used directly towards our shared goal of preserving the astonishing beauty of this place we are so lucky to call home!

To Join, print out the letter below and send it  today to GOO! at P. O. Box 23625, Santa Barbara, CA 93121. 
Michael T. Lyons

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